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CMM Inspection

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CMM Inspection Services

CMMs are industrial inspection tools that measure the dimensional accuracy of manufactured goods. This is a crucial step to monitoring production quality to ensure large-sized parts meet design specifications for use in critical applications.

At ACTCO, we combine high quality manufacturing with CMM inspection services to produce excellent goods for our customers.

What Is CMM And Why Do I Need CMM Inspection Services?

Coordinate Measuring Machines are industrial tools that measure the dimensionality of objects. They use different mechanisms, such as scanners, touch-triggers, and vision probes, to measure objects along the X-, Y-, and Z-axis. The measurements can then be compared to the initial design plans or specifications of the object to ensure the finished product is adequately identical to the original design. CMMs are typically constructed from granite and aluminum to ensure functionality and accuracy even in harsh temperatures and environments.

CMMs offer a reliable alternative to handheld inspection tools. They monitor the quality of manufactured items to ensure that they match original design plans within the customer’s preferred tolerance levels. CMMs can measure objects at different stages of production to quickly catch issues before the project is finished or before large-volume runs are completed, keeping the production process fast and efficient with less material waste.

Of CMM Inspection

    • CMMs can be used for a wide variety of measuring tasks, regardless of the object’s complexity and condition of the object’s surface.
    • CMMs reduce the risk of human error and are exceedingly precise, especially if they’re routinely inspected. They have consistent responses to heat and the environment, meaning the measurement software can easily cancel out related complications.
    • CMMs offer quick set up time and can quickly take measurements across all three dimensions.

Consultations for
Custom Machining

For machine parts or tools that you need to customize, you can get in touch with us for consultations. We also provide free service quotes and promptly let you know about how long it may take to have custom machine parts or tools designed and built. For questions about repairs, modifications, and delivery requests to specific locations,

ACTCO Is The Industry Expert

ACTCO excels at quality assurance, and our customers turn to us for start to finish manufacturing services. When exact adherence to dimensionality and complex product designs is essential, we provide in-house machining, finishing, and inspection services to ensure high quality products.


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