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Quality Machining Services, At An Honest Price, Delivered On Time.

High Volume Machine Shop

As a quality focused high volume machine shop, ACTCO Tool & Mfg. Company consists of professionally trained and skilled employees, who pride themselves on delivering American made products where we can supply unique, custom, complex parts made from your drawings.

  • Reverse engineering capabilities
  • Low, medium & high-volume production of complex machined parts
  • In-house post processing and assembly capabilities
  • Fast Processing Capability

Estimating & Quoting Software
Powered by Paperless Parts

Paperless Parts transforms the way job shops operate with a simple yet powerful platform that drives results. With a centralized platform that houses all the information you need to create smart, consistent quotes, estimators are free to work on high-value work instead of the tedious busy work that traditional quoting processes require.

  • ITAR registered
  • 100% US-based system administrators and support
  • Cloud-native software hosted on GovCloud
  • All data and files securely backed up nightly
  • Site security plan with full disaster recovery
  • Designed for CMMC compliance
  • Easily prioritize quotes to focus on the best ones first
  • Quickly recognize manufacturability errors
  • Search for the right information in a single platform
  • Quickly parse out subcomponents
  • Automate repeatable tasks
  • Custom Tooling Often is not Needed

Core Competencies

The diverse range of industrial tools and mechanical parts that we design and manufacture for our customers are all built in accordance with client’s specifications.


EDM hole popping technology to drill small holes in a variety of types of parts. EDM hole popping is perfect for fast, accurate, and deep hole drilling applications.

Heat Treat

Our professional tool makers are highly skilled in utilizing the CNC method and they put their talents to work on our machining centers.


Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) is the process of cutting nearly any conductive material.

Quality Inspection

ACTCO excels at quality assurance, and our customers turn to us for start to finish manufacturing services.

Paperless Parts Quoting

an all-in-one machine shop quoting software that rapidly quotes CNC machining jobs, reduces human errors.


Grinding finds many uses within manufacturing including as a finishing process, a sharpening tool and more.

Consultations for
Custom Machining

For machine parts or tools that you need to customize, you can get in touch with us for consultations. We also provide free service quotes and promptly let you know about how long it may take to have custom machine parts or tools designed and built. For questions about repairs, modifications, and delivery requests to specific locations,


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