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Advance CNC Machining

Our professional tool makers are highly skilled in utilizing the computer numerical control (CNC) method and they put their talents to work on our five custom CNC turning machining centers.

We utilizes specifically designed computer software to translate a CAD design into instructions for the cutting of raw material by the machine. This allows for high-precision patterns and added details to jobs that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Benefits Of CNC Machining

When it comes to CNC machining, ACTCO Tool & Mfg. Company is the best choice. Our CNC capabilities include rapid prototyping of high-quality parts that requires the greatest degree of dimensional accuracy. You can count on our staff and state of the art CNC machines to create quality products.

All our machines in our CNC Milling Department are programmed with MasterCAM software offline to enable maximum uptime for machining operations and are equipped with probing systems.

  • Rapid prototyping of metal parts
  • Precision routers and grinders
  • Ability to Handle Large-Diameter Pieces – Our CNC Lathes maintain strength in heavy-duty cutting processes.
  • In addition, our machines and operators readily adapt to holding tight tolerances of ±.0002”
  • Innovative Turret Design – At ACTCO, we use CNC Lathes with Built-In Motor Turrets to minimize the large amounts of vibration and heat that are produced in the machining process. This Turret Design also eliminates transmission losses for improved accuracy in machining.
  • Rigid Turret – For optimal milling capabilities, ACTCO utilizes CNC Lathes with increase rigidity of rotary tool holders.

ACTCO Tool & Mfg. Company, our area of expertise is the manufacture of tight-tolerance piece parts for demanding applications. We’re committed to delivering quality components that meet any industry-standard, customer specification, or purchase order requirement.

Materials For CNC Machining 

ACTCO Tool & Mfg. Company, We have the team, facility, and equipment to offer a truly tailored experience. We have the expertise to machine a full range of materials and can accommodate any specialty alloy.

Common materials utilized in CNC turning include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Hastelloy
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Tool Steels

Consultations for
Custom Machining

For machine parts or tools that you need to customize, you can get in touch with us for consultations. We also provide free service quotes and promptly let you know about how long it may take to have custom machine parts or tools designed and built. For questions about repairs, modifications, and delivery requests to specific locations,

Advantages Of CNC Machining

    • Our CNC machines are able to cut and match your prototypes and designs within +/- .0002”. Precise cuts allow for high dimensional accuracy, especially among extremely fitted parts.
    • With the ability to long run unattended and precisely produce precision parts, our machines allow for less set up time, as well as faster processing times to reach a finished product.
    • ACTCO Tool & Mfg. Company EDM Machining services provide accurate and reliable cuts at some of the most competitive costs in the region. When working with a variety of costly materials, wire EDM Machining allows better dies and molds to produce in a single process.


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